• Can I book a valuation for today?

    To provide you with the best advice, our property consultants will spend some time before your visit researching properties similar to your own. The appointment calendar is set up to allow appointments for the following day to give them the time to do this. However, if you do need a same day appointment please call 0161 495 5840.

  • How to book a valuation?

    The online valuation calendar for each property will show all available appointment dates and times. Please select an available slot and we will confirm by email.

  • Why can't I see any available time slots?

    For questions linked to same day appointments or unavailability, please call 0161 495 5840. Greyed out time slots represent times when our property consultants are unavailable due to prior commitment, or the seller has marked the property itself unavailable for viewings. To make sure you get the best possible advice, our property consultants spend time researching the markets. The appointment calendar is set up to allow appointments for the following day to give them the time to do this. If none are available or for queries linked to same day appointments, please call 0161 495 5840.

  • Why can't I book a specific time or date of my choice?

    We want to make sure you have the best possible advice on the sale of your property. To do so we will only send an experienced property consultant to meet with you and we try to ensure that they have sufficient time to answer your questions and gather all the information necessary to help you to make the right decision about your prospective sale. As a result, from time to time demand for valuation appointments can exceed the capacity of our consultants. Available time slots (shown in green) indicate when a property consultant is available but if you are unsure then please contact us on 0161 495 5840.

  • Why can't I see the calendar?

    If you are having problems viewing or using the calendar, please call 0161 495 5840.

  • How do I book valuations for more than one property?

    You will need to request valuations for each individual property and provide details for each property.  However you can then access each set of property details from your home page.

  • How can I change my valuation appointment?

    To change your appointment, please return to the calendar, cancel the appointment that you have booked and then select a new date. This will automatically replace and update your previous appointment.

  • Do I have to sign up during my valuation? If not, will the property consultant have to visit again?

    No, you are not obliged to sign up to our services at the valuation appointment though you can of course do so. Your documents will be stored on the website afterwards, so if and when you do decide to come to market with us, you will be able to sign the documents online at your convenience.

  • How can I prepare for my valuation?

    Please read our help guide on ‘How to be a good seller or watch Preparing for a marketing valuation'

  • How do you make sure my new correspondence address is not shared with anyone without my consent?

    Data Protection is paramount to us as a business. We will not share personal information with anyone without your consent.Further details can be found in our privacy policy

  • What documents do I need at the valuation?

  • What happens at a valuation?

    Before your valuation, one of our property consultants will call to talk you through the valuation process. At the valuation, your property consultant will look around your property, ask you for details and take measurements. You can also find out about current market conditions, ways to effectively market your property, a realistic valuation figure, and a recommended market price. Please read our help guide on ‘How to be a good seller’ for further details.

  • What is money laundering and how does it affect me?

    To comply with a number of government requirements we ask for identity documents and proof of address before signing you up for our services.

    We will need to see two documents for each owner of the property. The first should be one of the following:

    A benefit book

    A current full driving license

    A current Northern Ireland identity document

    A current valid passport

    A disabled drivers pass

    A current firearms certificate

    An HM Forces identity card

    A notification letter from he DWP

    An original birth certificate

    A current Residence permit

    A current shotgun license

    Or an SRA Code of Conduct solicitor letter confirming photo ID


    The second, should be no more than three months old, and can be any one  of the following:

    A bank statement

    A Council Tax bill

    A current UK driving license (unless used as proof of ID from the above list

    A Land registry document

    A mortgage statement

    An NHS Medical Card

    A rent card

    A solicitor lett

    A tax notification

    A tenancy agreement for the current year

    A utility bill


    The above documents should show the address of the property which you are asking us to value and which you are contemplating selling.

    If you do not live at that property you will need to provide an additional document from either list showing the address at which you live.

    To find out more about money laundering and why we take compliance so seriously please visit the government’s website on https://www.gov.uk/guidance/money-laundering-regulations-introduction 

  • How to prepare your home for marketing and viewings

    Please see our help guide on ‘Top ten tips for successful viewings.

  • Do I need to download anything to use the DocuSign feature?

    All documents will be presented to you via email and then do not require any further software downloads.

  • Do I get a ‘For Sale’ board?

    Yes. A ‘For Sale’ board will be put up outside your property shortly after you sign up with us. If you do not want a board, please speak with your property consultant during the valuation appointment.

  • How quickly can viewings begin?

    Once you have signed up with us to market your property, logged into your new online account and completed your registration, you will be able to start arranging viewings straight away.

    Online Service customers will need to specify their availability on the calendar as soon as possible so buyers can book a time and date. It is important to keep this calendar up to date.

    High Street Service customer slots will be available during normal branch opening hours but you may wish to make other slots available that you can host yourself.

    Emails will be sent out to confirm viewings booked.

    Arranging for someone to view your property can be exciting but also slightly unnerving. Both you and the potential buyer might be slightly nervous.  It’s always a good idea to have someone with you during the viewing and to have told someone that a prospective buyer is visiting your home for a visit.

  • How safe are my personal details?

    Data Protection is paramount to us as a business. We will not share personal information with anyone without your consent. Further details can be found in our privacy policy.