• Who can help me put an offer forward on a property?

    Our trained property advisors would be more than happy to assist you or if you feel comfortable to do so, you can make an offer yourself through the website and it will go directly to the seller, or you can contact us now on 0161 495 5840

  • How do I negotiate an offer?

    Our online service makes the negotiating process easy. You will be prompted on what you can do next at every stage. If you feel uncomfortable with this process you can, at any time, speak to the branch selling the property who will be able to assist you in progressing your offer. 

  • I have been gazumped. What can I do?

    ‘Gazumped’ is a term used to denote a situation where the seller has accepted an offer from you but subsequently accepts a higher offer from another purchaser. This is legal. To reduce the risk of being gazumped you may ask the seller to remove the property from market as part of your offer conditions. Alternatively you have the right to negotiate at a higher amount. In the unfortunate event that the seller wishes to pull out of an accepted offer you will be notified by email and a member of local branch staff will be in touch to try to assist you in every way possible.

  • The seller has pulled out of the sale. What happens next?

    One of our trained professional consultants will be in touch with you shortly to discuss next steps. Don’t worry, we have lots of other properties available that match your requirements.

  • Why should I fill in all sections on the offer form?

    By answering the questions on the offer form, you will be allowing the seller to make an informed decision as to which offer they might accept. For example, you may offer at a lower price than another buyer but you may be able to proceed straight away which may be appealing to the seller.